Significant Details on the EPA Registration of KPHITE® RX

Full Registration:  The EPA’s Section 3 registration is a full acceptance (not temporary) for use throughout the United States.

Systemic:  KPHITE® RX and RENEW® RX are systemic, totally soluble and available to the tree.  Plant Food Systems’ products require no additives to make them systemic like antibiotics require.


EPA Registers KPHITE® RX Systemic Bactericide For Use Against “HLB” Citrus Greening
Plant Food Systems is excited to announce that on Thursday, August 18, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered KPHITE® RX Systemic Bactericide for the control of “HLB” Citrus Greening.
This full registration was granted based on research conducted by a panel of researchers demonstrating that the use of KPHITE® RX and Renew® RX reduces the effects of Greening on citrus crops. Further field trials and grower experiences demonstrated the effectiveness of these products in citrus programs over the last several years across Florida.
While we await the various states to approve its use, we have released a 2EE label to allow for use on citrus for both foliar and soil applications, as indicated in Plant Food Systems’ “3-6-9 ProgramTM”.
Read the announcement.
Download the 2EE label.
Download the KPHITE® RX label.
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