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BREAKING:  EPA Registers KPHITE® RX for control against HLB Citrus Greening
Federal agency fully registered KPHITE® RX against Huanglongbing, or “HLB” Citrus Greening.  The acceptance was granted based on research conducted by a panel of researchers demonstrating reduced effects of Greening on citrus crops.

Read the announcement, more details and application recommendations.



early application guide for 2016
Proper levels of foliar Nitrogen in the tree’s ‘nutrient bank’ are needed to support a strong bloom. Also includes a Pre-biotic enzyme to enhance beneficial microbial growth.





Recommendations for Spring grove protection management. Provides stronger root system, bloom and flush, increased health & vigor, and dense crop set.






The foundation of your year-round program, The “3-6-9TM” Program supports root health, stronger trees, higher yields and a variety of disease controls – including HLB and phytophthora!




Tomato and Peper Program

Tomato and Peper Program Heading
Our latest recommendations for tomato, peppers, cucurbits and snap peas.






Recent study results of fungicides against Botryosphaeria panicle and shoot blight on pistachios.